We talked to one of our favorite artist, Guesswho. The Indian artist's art has been compared to British Banksy's. Lately he has been in the crosshair of international media like BBC. Guesswho is known for art where western icons mixed with local Indian symbols. Guesswho wishes to remain anonymous because the focus should be on the art, not the artist.

Which artists inspire you? 

- I have great respect for all artists that have chosen street art as their preferred medium. Artists like Fauxreel, 1zwo3 and Mobstr are some of the artists that inspire and influence me. 

 What is your best memory as an artist?

- My friends and colleagues have no idea what I do, so it was pretty exiting the first time some of them asked me to check out the new phenomenon «Guesswho».

 What is the best advice you've been given?

- A very good friend encouraged me to pick up Street art as a medium. He warned me against letting criticism and praise go to my head since the 15 minutes of fame usually burns out faster than we think. 

What is your favorite piece?

- It's difficult to pick just one. All works are different and tell their own stories.

Why do you choose to be anonymous? 

- The focus should be on the art, not the artist. There is a certain charm to being anonymous. It is a position that an artist can take just to make art and stand at the sidelines watching the audience enjoy it. Being anonymous also helps the public to be free of prejudices related to the identity of the artist, such as gender, religion and age. Being anonymous also makes it possible to deal with more sensitive and political issues.

"As long as there are advertising billboards, there will be graffiti too. Even though there could be a difference in opinion about which is legal and which is not, there should not be no contest as to which is more true"